MGB Wiring Diagram Downloads

With thanks to BARRY WINCH for
taking the time and effort to create
these MS Visio editable MGB wiring
 diagrams and then share them with others.

(Note:  See below for other file types as well.)


These files are in CAD format for use with
Microsoft Office Visio
which is available on Ebay for a reasonable
price from numerous sellers.
MS Visio on Ebay


A "Try for Free" alternative to Visio is
Lucid Chart
which can be used for 7 days with no charge.

Please note that at this time I have not
tested, experimented with or used
Lucid Chart and in no way indorse
it for use with these or any other files.
I only provide this link as an option
for anyone that does not have
Microsoft Office Visio.


Click on the file name below to download the file.

Download and read this first.

MGB Symbols

MGB Wires

MGB Wiring


If you are trying to open these schematics in

Open Office or Libre

download the following two files.

Wi MGB Wiring.odg

Wi MGB Wiring.otg


Advance Auto Wire .pdf Schematics
for All MGB Years

Advance Auto Wire