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Get your own exact replica of this well know sign.

Castle Rock Lift

March 2019

B.H. Davis (in the blue coat) with Sugarbush Ski Patrol leader Colin Cascadden.

We are standing below the newly installed Castlerock experts only sign located at the
entry to the Castlerock chair, Sugarbush, VT.

The engraved PVC sign was made by B.H. Davis and given
to Sugarbush in March of 2019.

Replicas of the sign are available for purchase.
Size is approximately 14" x 31"

Email BH Davis with questions and/or for ordering.
Payment can be by check or Paypal.  I will send you
my Paypal account information.


(860) 923-2340

14X30 Castlerock Sign

(For a better view of the carving details CLICK HERE to download a high resolution version of the photo.)

14.5" x 31.5" 
Castlerock EXPERTS ONLY warning sign.

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Purchase direct from me for

(Plus shipping or free pickup
in Warren when we are in the valley.)

Or if you prefer you can purchase the sign on Etsy.

Click here to buy the Castlerock sign at my Etsy store.

This is an exact duplicate of the CASTLEROCK warning sign directing skiers to the Castlerock lift at Sugarbush Resort in Warren, VT.   In the photo above you can see me in the blue coat along with the 2019 head of Sugarbush Ski Patrol standing under a slightly larger version of this sign I made for the mountain to hang on the lift.

These signs are just over 14" x 31" and identical to the one I made for the mountain.  I can also make larger versions on a custom order basis.  I was granted permission from the mountain operations office to make and sell these signs

I made one these well known caution signs as a bit of a thank you to the mountain for their great 65 and over Boomer season pass. My wife and I are over 65 and are regular skiers at Sugarbush. I thought new Castlerock signs would be a great way to show our appreciation and also be a lot of fun to see every time we were at the Castlerock lift.

They are made from solid PVC and the engraved letters are painted with an exterior enamel.   As such the signs can be hung indoors or out.

If you are a Sugarbush skier you know this sign.  In the past I made a number of smaller versions as gifts that can be found in condos of friends around the resort. I'm now making these at 14" x 31" so people can have the exact same sign that is on the mountain.

Before the sale of my company and subsequent retirement I spent 25 years building up a national level woodworking business that made curved mouldings (www.curvedmouldings.com).  I have brought that same attention to detail to the making of these Castlerock signs.

There are usually a few of the signs on the shelf ready to ship.  If not then I will set up to make  more to ship within one to two weeks.   For those who want a larger 18" x 39.5" version of the sign that would be made to order as well.   This larger version would cost $275.00 plus shipping.  Other custom sizes can also be made.  Contact me to discuss details and cost.

How It's Made

Carving the Castle Rock Sign

Here the white PVC blank has been covered with
a blue paint mask prior to being carved on the
CNC (computer controlled) router.  The CNC then
carves all the graphics and letters exactly as they
had been drawn in my CAD/CAM software.

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Click HERE to see a short video of the sign being carved.
(Note:  30 to 60 second download.)

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After the carving process the signs are ready to paint.
There are fewer red areas so they get painted first.   Then all those red
sections get masked off and the black paint is applied.

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Castle Rock Sign

Here is the sign after the paint mask has been removed
and cleaning up of excess paint has been
completed.  Next up will be cutting the sign to final
size and then some sanding of the PVC prior to packaging.

March 2021

Here is one of my 14" x 31" signs hanging at the
Lower Downspout trail cut off over to the Castlerock Lift.
You can have your own just like it !

Castlerock Experts Only Sign

And finally here I am standing by that sign
at the Lower Downspout access to the Castlerock Lift.

Castlerock Experts Only Sign