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April 2018

The tradition continues......

After 28 years at the helm Bernard Davis (the B.H. in B.H. Davis Company), founder and former
owner of this respected radius millwork manufacturer, has retired.  B.H. Davis Company was originaly
a general millwork woodworking company.  In 1990 a new customer asked B.H. to make a
curved moulding for one of their clients.  This single moulding led to the transition of the shop
from making furniture and cabinetry to one of the most exclusive radius millwork shops in the country.

In April of 2016 B.H. Davis Company was acquired by Custom Curved Mouldings, LLC.  While
this means a new ownership for the company it does not mean any change in the quality of the
products or the expert and dedicated treatment of the staff to the clients.  With the exception of the
retirement of B.H. Davis the company continues with the same skilled craftsmen producing the mouldings.

There has been one major change though.  The company is now known as
So the name B.H. Daivis Company has now been retired along with me, the original founder.

Should you have any need for radius millwork, specialized moulding, architectural trim related products and
CNC outsourcing services do not hesitate to contact Custom Curved Mouldings at



PO BOX 452, THOMPSON, CT  06277
PHONE: (860)923-2771 FAX: (860) 923-3495

You have my assurances that you will be as pleased with
the results now as my many customers were in the past.

Thank you,
B.H. Davis